When it comes to planning a summer getaway, there’s nothing quite like the luxury and privacy of a villa. Imagine lounging by a sparkling pool, enjoying breath taking views, and indulging in the comforts of a spacious and stylish abode. To help you make the most of your summer vacation, we have handpicked six remarkable villas that promise an extraordinary experience. From exotic beachfront retreats to serene mountain escapes, these villas are the epitome of luxury and relaxation.

  1. 1. Villa Harrison, Mykonos, Greece:

For those seeking a contemporary and stylish retreat, Villa Harrison in Mykonos is a perfect choice. This exquisite villa features sleek and modern architecture with a touch of Cycladic charm. With its spacious outdoor area, infinity pool, and breath taking views of the Aegean Sea, Villa Harrison offers an unparalleled luxury experience. Relax in the elegantly designed interiors or indulge in outdoor dining on the terrace while enjoying the Mediterranean breeze.

The Greek Villas

  1. 2. Villa Charles, Saint-Tropez, France:

Escape to the glamorous French Riviera with a stay at Villa Charles, located in the prestigious Saint-Tropez Peninsula. This magnificent villa is a masterpiece of modern design and offers lavish amenities. With its sleek lines, expansive windows, and stunning infinity pool, Villa Charles provides an oasis of tranquillity amidst the vibrant atmosphere of Saint-Tropez. Enjoy the breath taking views of the Mediterranean and savour the ultimate luxury experience in this exclusive villa.

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  1. 3. Villa Alegre, Ibiza, Spain:

Discover the vibrant island of Ibiza while indulging in the opulence of Villa Alegre. Situated amidst lush greenery and offering breath taking views of the Mediterranean Sea, this stunning villa captures the essence of Ibiza’s beauty and charm. The spacious and contemporary interiors, along with the infinity pool and outdoor lounging areas, create a perfect ambiance for relaxation and entertainment. Experience the island’s vibrant nightlife or simply unwind in this luxurious haven.

Villa Ibiza

  1. 4. Villa Los Patios, Marbella, Spain:

Experience the epitome of Mediterranean luxury at Villa Los Patios in Marbella. Situated in the heart of Costa del Sol, this exquisite villa offers a fusion of contemporary design and traditional Andalusian architecture. With its lush gardens, multiple patios, and a stunning infinity pool, Villa Los Patios is an idyllic retreat for summer holidays. Indulge in the spacious living areas, soak up the sun on the terrace, or explore the vibrant city of Marbella, known for its beaches, golf courses, and glamorous nightlife.

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  1. 5. Villa Monte Carlo, Monaco:

Immerse yourself in the allure of the French Riviera with a stay at Villa Monte Carlo. Located in the prestigious Monaco surroundings, this luxurious villa, offers a perfect blend of opulence and tranquillity. Boasting exquisite interiors, a private pool, and panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea, Villa Monte Carlo provides an exclusive retreat for a summer getaway. Enjoy the sophisticated ambiance, explore the vibrant city of Monte Carlo, or simply unwind in the lap of luxury.

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