Get ready to be amazed. MA Hospitality Group has carefully curated a list of three luxury hotspots on Mykonos, the beautiful island of Greece!

Mykonos stands out as the most opulent of all the Cyclades islands in the middle of the group. It has been a celebrity favourite for years; it promises opulent lodging, world-class dining, and exclusive events along its breathtaking coastline. As the temperature rises and the turquoise sea sparkles, Mykonos comes to life, offering the ideal setting for both sunbathing on the beach and participating in the many available water-sports.

Bagatelle Mykonos

At Bagatelle Mykonos, indulge in a memorable dining experience that stimulates all your senses. The restaurant’s new menu, curated by Rocco Seminara, takes you on a delicious journey through French and Mediterranean cuisine. With an atmosphere of elegance and opulence, nature plays a significant role in the venue’s décor. In addition, custom-made furniture crafted from delicately varnished wood, reminiscent of luxurious Riva boats, blends with cheerful yellow and blue textiles. The colour palette pays homage to the sun, sea, and sand, prominently featuring Bagatelle’s signature blue shade. Finally, the terracotta floor adds brightness, complemented by stone or marble inlays reminiscent of magnificent villas in the South of France.

The Principote Beach Club

Nestled in Panormos, the Principote Beach Club captivates with unadulterated Mediterranean beauty. Its elegant services and amenities blend stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters, and fine sand. Moreover, it surpasses being a mere venue as it pulsates as the vibrant heart of the Principote Group. Here, guests can authentically immerse themselves in the essence of the Principote world. Whether relaxing under hand-knit umbrellas, indulging in signature cocktails, or enjoying professional massages,  the Principote Beach Club guarantees an unrivaled and treasured experience.

Party away at Void

As one of Mykonos’s largest and most renowned clubs, Void is hailed as the ultimate destination for nightlife enthusiasts. With an impressive line-up of famous DJs from around the world, it ensures a remarkable experience on any given night. Additionally, the club buzzes with energetic people eager to soak in the atmosphere of this legendary location. Yet, there are moments when you can enjoy a drink alone, admiring the modern minimalist architecture. It pays homage to the thriving cocktail culture rooted in Greek traditions and future trends.

If you share our amazement for these luxury hotspots in Mykonos, reach out to MA Hospitality without hesitation. We’ll ensure you have an unforgettable holiday at one of the most prestigious accommodations.


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