Exclusive Access

Experience the very best the globe has to offer, from accessibility to desired worldwide happenings to customized invites. We provide our clients exclusive access in some of the most prestigious eating establishments in the world. VIP access to the best tickets, boxes, and suites in entertainment and sporting events.



Entertainment Events

Additionally, we send out invitations to special events held within restaurants, exclusive chef tastings, and meet-and-greets. We also send out invitations for entertainment and sport events. Our clients have exclusive access at The Oscars, Cannes Film Festival, Art Basel, Movie Premiers, concerts, Fashion Week and much more.

Sporting Events

On top of that we are also able to arrange places in the world’s biggest sport events. Exclusive access to events like F1, Football Leagues, Grand Slams, T20 Cricket, Super Bowl, Royal Ascot, and much more are something we can offer.